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Dedicated to our Clients and Staffs Wellbeing

Covid-19 Protocals: About Us


Breathe In, Breathe Out

Covid-19 Evolvecore Protocols

Our Clients and Staffs safety is our number one priority during this uncertain time so we are committed to providing the safest studio for you all.

You should not attend a physical class if:

•You have a fever - 14 days from the time you experience a fever AND at least 7 days after the last day you had a fever (without taking medication to reduce fever).

•Have been exposed directly to someone with confirmed COVID-19

•Live with someone who has a fever

•Live with someone who was exposed to someone with confirmed COVID-19 and it hasn’t been 14 days since they have recovered from COVID-19Studio Guidelines and Procedures

•There will be an additional waiver you will have to sign when you enter the studio for the first time to take in person classes.

•Have your temperature taken prior to entering the studio. Do not enter the studio with a temperature higher than 99 degrees. We reserve the right to take your temperature.

•Please No Loitering when you come in. You may socialize in the parking lot using social distance, but once you enter the studio please just move to place your mat down in the room and be ready for class.

•Spaces for mats will be marked and will be 6 feet apart. Masks are required to be worn until instructed otherwise when class begins
•In person classes will be BY APPOINTMENT and LIMITED TO 18 PEOPLE only

•We will be wearing masks in the common areas before and after class. You may choose also to bring and wear a mask in the common areas as well as during class if you'd like.

•Use hand sanitizer when you enter, and when you leave the studio (or wash your hands please in the sinks). Use coughing and sneezing etiquette.

•Studio space and common areas will be completely sanitized using EPA guidelines and EPA approved cleaners. We will run our Air Purifiers in each room to clean out and disinfect the air.

•Please just use common sense, default to the idea that people want to remain physically distant as much as they can and practice good hygiene as usual.

 Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Covid-19 Protocals: Welcome
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